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Sewing is an essential skill for any woman to have, but it can be hard to find the time or money to invest in taking classes. Sewing skills are needed for many jobs, but they’re especially important for women who live in villages where income opportunities are few. The lack of sewing skills disadvantages them in a number of ways, including having difficulty finding work. More than 75% of the girls in the village never get any training to gain job skills. So if we have time to sew, we have time to earn some money for our families. Now India is helping women train for sewing jobs by creating educational programs that cover the basics in different cities. Seek Foundation is one of the NGOs that never fails to encourage Women’s empowerment. It uses sewing as an important outreach program for years, and its efforts are paying off.

But these are not only for women in remote villages but also for the urban poor, who lack basic sewing skills. Classes are taken in more than 15 villages namely Edamachi, Manamathi, Thirupulivanam, etc. Classes are in the afternoon from 1.30 PM – 4 PM. More than 40 women are trained. Their participation in tailoring workshops is an important step towards empowerment and freedom from poverty and provides them with the skills they need to earn money for their families, get jobs, and be independent. The sewing skills taught in village tailoring workshops give women economic opportunity, but it is the opportunity to earn their own money that empowers them. The economic independence that they acquire enables them to be less dependent on their husbands and to help their families to develop as well. Women are trained in Cutting patterns. They are taught how to sew from scratch. They were also taught about all the parts of the Tailoring machine if just in case there is any fault they can solve on their own.

Seek Foundation volunteers are teaching these women the valuable skill of textile production by giving them, free-of-charge sewing classes

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